Design of plastics and a die-cast metallic mold, production and repairing

Endless imagination, brighter intelligence
world of obstinate experts・・・
As giving our whole mind to help children grow up,
we are going to sublimate them.

Eyes of engineers facing products, which are severe and sharp,
as facing their limit, work, finish and manage various products
with their concentration of all energies, wisdom.
All engineers of YASUDA are of professionalism,
as helping their children grow up, are supplying further products
with hot heart and skills of experts.


Invitation to work / finish / management division.

Correct judgment and systematic organization make superior products been possible to create.

Milling work making free use of skillful techniques.
Long term-training for engineers・・・・
People like magicians who mill iron with iron,
send back to the third dimensional world complex
two - dimensional written on paper and operate them,
experts of YASUDA are all specialists.
It's a high proud group which has actual results
for winning official commendation.

  Finish working for being proud of accuracy.

Engineers who operate, safely and freely,
a mold of 15 tons more heavy than an elephant and have accuracy
like painting a grain of rice,Meisters of YASUDA,
informing with life iron parts worked in the world of
highest-technology and experts, bear a powerful working place
with personal and total powers.

     Management division

A working place for communicating information in a moment
as arteries or a nerve plexus being among each process.
Office computers correctly manage quality control,
working control, stock control and so on,
and push forward speed-up of works.