Design of plastics and a die-cast metallic mold, production and repairing




【Corporate policy】
I am affectionate with 120% customer satisfaction and mold fabrication.

1. Thoroughness of quality first principle
  Do not flaw the customer to customers by incorporating quality and thoroughly accepting inspections.

2. Promoting business with top priority in quality
  Thorough quality control and strict observance of in-process quality through ISO 9001
Thorough completion of actual measurement values ​​in the process, thorough inspection and quality assurance at the time of trial

3. Globalization · Worldwide diversification support
  Inbound control of oversea procurement parts etc. and use of mold parts that can be exchanged overseas
Maintenance-free type that can be used overseas and easy to handle sudden breakage
Review TS acquisition
In case
4. Thoroughness of quality cost consciousness
  Study creation of structure creation without defect
Improvement of VA / VE proposal and establishment of cost consciousness through QC activities etc.

5. Conservation activities of production facilities
  Thorough PM management. Prevent the suspension of production equipment by early prediction discovery.

6. Continuation of safety and health activities
  Continuation of lost-time accident 0
Continuation of traffic disaster 0
Thorough 5S

7. Continuous improvement
  On the requirements and the effectiveness of the quality management system
Implement continuous improvement.

January 1, 2018
Yasud Mold Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. 
CEO Kousou Yasuda.


Yasuda Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Environmental policy

  We, Yasuda Seisakusho deepen trust with local people and customers, through the development of our company,
Aiming for environmentally friendly manufacturing industry, all employees protect the environment in their daily work,
We will promote efforts to value resources. 

1. Establish objectives and targets, and work on environmental conservation and prevention of pollution.
(1) We actively use environmentally friendly products.
(2) We will make efforts to optimize simple packaging and packaging.
(3) Promote waste reduction and recycling.
(4) Promote resource saving and energy conservation.
(5) We will try to improve the efficiency of distribution.
(6) Return harmful waste, smoke, water etc. to the earth in clean condition. In case

2. Establish and operate an environmental management system with clear roles, responsibilities and authority,
We will continue to make improvements.

3. Environmental laws and regulations We will comply with local regulations and other requirements agreed by the company.

4. We will thoroughly inform all employees of our environmental policy and aim to improve the awareness of each person 's environment.

January 1, 2018
Yasud Mold Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
CEO Kousou Yasuda.


December 18, 2001
As a Japanese company, we got ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification from Korea ISO Certification Body (KFQ).

★ November 20, 2017 passed ISO 14001 Maintenance renewal examination 
★ November 21, 2017 passed ISO 9001 Maintenance renewal examination