Design of plastics and a die-cast metallic mold, production and repairing


Invitation to CAD / CAM division where our brains are concentrated.

CAD:Computer Aided Design

CAD · CAM room
Operation of CAD
Operation of CAM

People have entrusted a pen to their ideas as ancient Egyptians had described in papyrus the origin of country for future generations.
In those days when those had been establishing their history,
science, economy・・・long years passing, nowadays we came to abundance in our hands.
Mold society, using a fluency of electricity,light has arrived at the era for form. Our Mold society for making sources of forms, similarly.
takes a direction to high tech era. taking it sooner in advance,
using computers for thinking about plans through their cathode-ray tubes,we input their data.
We design dies to satisfy customers needs on Q.C.D.S.with VE and VA. aiming concurrent engineering.

CAM:Computer Aided Manufacturing
Changing two-dimensional space's data to three - dimensional one,
changing a plane to a cube, sending information to machines with optical fiber, we operate them. It's in our figure that we have a creative work as a theme of human knowledge.
 We have already installed three dimensional CAM/CAM UG for solid data

Invitation to NC and ED working.

NC working which is fully operated.
Waking up with sunrise and going to sleep with sunset.
It's a native human figure
which we ought to have generally.
But NC machines working intently
with micro accuracy at midnight,
in the dark where was left after work,
machines working is a main point of human richness.
We YASUDA are really proud of higher percentage of keeping
NC machines which are little in our industrial
society and they play roles by human instructions
and now, wisdom sweating at work, force's one changed to a machine.
Electric discharge working bearing the possibility.

Prasma phenomenon, which was discovered
by a savant in U.S.S.R.
The application of this principle,
making occur a lot of

thunders on the surface of metal,
can transcribe in shape of mold creators melted
innumerably by thermal energy.
It's the electric discharge machine.
This highest frontier and safest machine
is able to use any hard metals for mold,
as it were, it's an indispensable existence for metal.
History of these machines is
short and we can really expect them in future.
They are still youthful and fresh as flowers of
which heads were put above the ground.
As a very beautiful flowering of a hard bud,
it's a technique with a high-speed work which
we could be really interested in from now on.

NC processing
MC operation

Invitation to work / finish / management division.

Correct judgment and systematic organization make superior products been possible to create.

Finishing factory
Injection molding machine
Die spotting

Milling work making free use of skillful techniques.
Long term-training for engineers・・・・
People like magicians who mill iron with iron,
send back to the third dimensional world complex
two - dimensional written on paper and operate them,
experts of YASUDA are all specialists.
It's a high proud group which has actual results
for winning official commendation

Finish working for being proud of accuracy.

Engineers who operate, safely and freely,
a mold of 15 tons more heavy than an elephant and have accuracy
like painting a grain of rice,Meisters of YASUDA,
informing with life iron parts worked in the world of
highest-technology and experts, bear a powerful working place
with personal and total powers.