Design of plastics and a die-cast metallic mold, production and repairing


We are a small company. It is not recruitment of employees and employees, but recruitment of fellows.

The mold we are building is a large and precise plastic mold, many air conditioners are assembled in automobiles, and through our customers Europe cars such as BMW · Benz · Audi · Jaguar and Chrysler · Ford · GM American cars , It is being used for locally produced vehicles such as Toyota · Honda which advanced from Japan, and in FY 1997 75% are exported abroad.
Works other than machine tools and molds are flowing overseas due to hollowing out of the parts industry and manufacturing industry.

Financial services are also awaiting a tremendous internationalization.
As always has been the case, I think that the profession that is powerful in one 's arms is the most important point of choosing a job, which is most important for young people living in a future chaotic era

Number of people planned to be employed Adopt as needed Please feel free to contact us
We are not currently recruiting.
Initial salary (new graduate) (university degree) 190,000 yen
(College graduate) 175,000 yen
(Specialty graduate) 180,000 yen
(High school graduation) 170,000 yen
Bonuses twice a year
Raising yearly once a year
Working hours 8: 00 ~ 16: 45
Holidays 111 days by yearly calendarる
New Year's Holiday, Summer Holiday, Refresh 8 Days, Birthday 1 Day
Welfare system Health insurance, Employee's pension, SME retirement mutual aid, corporate pension,
Occupational accident insurance, voluntary work accident insurance, hospitalization insurance, employment insurance

Overseas travel, domestic travel by company full payment

Recruitment information free application
Application method Mailing, Phone, Email
Application deadline End of December 2018
Documents to be submitted Certificate of Resume, Prospective Graduation Certificate, Transcript, Medical Certificate
Selection method Interview test
Company information session All the company briefing sessions that had been scheduled have ended, but we called the company We will do it if we can.
Company visit From time to time (Please make sure to call us in advance.)
Hiring recruitment contact
Address 475 Kuwanae, Mie Pref.
Officer Ochiai President, Yamashita
Telephone 0594ー22ー1885
FAX 0594ー22ー6538