Design of plastics and a die-cast metallic mold, production and repairing


More fun, more pleasant,
I want to feel the pleasure of living, as if it were the earth.
Work, play, cherish.
Life is show - I will support a life with two.
We guarantee a rich lifestyle.

Welfare system to raise richness

"The company is a human resources" Mott - YASUDA,
We are committed to creating a workplace where employees can demonstrate their abilities and individuality to their fullest.

Education system to cultivate creativity

YASUDA thinks that flexible sensibility and free creativity will lead to tomorrow's technology,
Various training system including QC circle was implemented. Also encourage actively by hierarchy / collective activities.
We aim to encourage self-development of each and every employee, while at the same time aiming to cultivate further technical development capabilities.


Okinawa · Hokkaido 2 times · Korea · Hong Kong
Macau, Guam, Hawaii (Sheraton Moana Surfrider)
Bangkok (Shangri-La at Chaophraya · Riverside Hotel) etc.
Cost is borne entirely by the company



Toro rings of Guam expedition
Sorry I did not catch anything! !
You probably caught about goby.



'98 I went to Los Angeles, USA in Las Vegas.
It was a fun trip.



'07 I went to Beijing and Shanghai.
China was vast and full of vitality.



I went! World cultural heritage Great Wall

April 2017
A Mold 13 years journey in service