Designing, manufacturing, and repairing for metal molds for plastics and die castin

Heart and beauty

Blue and beautiful,the earth. nicely situated....Japan. We will invite you to a small bright company.


Skills of expert would be wider,deeper....
The highest technology,
being sharper,more advanced,
harmonized,passing times,ripened,
heart became a beautiful form.
love would be connected with a big ripeness.

To the World

The Blue beautiful earth,
which has just sailed for the year 2001.
After passing the languages and the frontiers,
people shake hands with others and begin talking one another.
YASUDA, thinking about our communication in the size of the earth,
is a human association with glancing.
We would open our future by the network of men and technologies.
Since the establishment in 1947,
we have been being concerned with Die & Mold manufacturing industry in a straight line.