Design of plastics and a die-cast metallic mold, production and repairing

We're leading our new highly - technolized era
with skills of experts and technologies.

As it were a power of terra firma,
like permanent force of nature,
which transcends the God,
human technology is also
stronger to spread abundantly
civilized society with warm heart
for taking care of relations
and a curiosity like children・・・・

Harmonizing skills of experts, their technologies and hot heart, nowadays,
a mold industry is a high- technolized one.
Having a perfect command of higher performance machines, more sophisticated human harmony of skills bore non-limited eventuality.
Mold is a key word for a abundant civilization.
You will please take an extensive view of neighbors.
Various items for coloring our life should be created from molds.

Invitation to NC and ED working.

NC working which is fully operated.

Waking up with sunrise and going to sleep with sunset.
It's a native human figure
which we ought to have generally.
But NC machines working intently
with micro accuracy at midnight,
in the dark where was left after work,
machines working is a main point of human richness.
We YASUDA are really proud of higher percentage of keeping
NC machines which are little in our industrial
society and they play roles by human instructions
and now, wisdom sweating at work, force's one changed to a machine.

Electric discharge working bearing the possibility.

Prasma phenomenon, which was discovered
by a savant in U.S.S.R.
The application of this principle,
making occur a lot of
thunders on the surface of metal,
can transcribe in shape of mold creators melted
innumerably by thermal energy.
It's the electric discharge machine.

This highest frontier and safest machine
is able to use any hard metals for mold,
as it were, it's an indispensable existence for metal.
History of these machines is
short and we can really expect them in future.

They are still youthful and fresh as flowers of
which heads were put above the ground.
As a very beautiful flowering of a hard bud,
it's a technique with a high-speed work which
we could be really interested in from now on.